bahar choke

Bahar Temiz is born in 1983 in Istanbul (Turkey). At the age of 12, she started taking classical and modern dance classes. After being graduated from the French High School Saint-Joseph, she moved to Paris to study philosophy at the Université de Paris IV-la Sorbonne. In Paris, she continued dancing and collaborated with the choreographer Berrak Yedek and the costume designer Victor Féres on “La peau, mémoire d’un lieu” where she started to get interested in dance in interaction with different spaces, objects and fabrics.

She studied at the Artez Dance Academy in Netherlands and choreography at Ex.e.r.ce (Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier) in France. She holds a Masters degree on William Forsythe’s Improvisation Technologies from Université de Paris VIII-Seine-Saint-Denis. She has been an artist-in-residence in Tanzquartier Wien, a part of Europe in Motion during Springdance Festival in Utrecht and received Danceweb scholarship in Impulstanz Festival in Vienna. She worked as a dancer and performer with Erik Kaiel, Willi Dorner, Dylan Newcomb, Superamas, Ivana Müller, Clément Layes and Marc Vanrunxt.

She has been making her own work: “1+” (2013), “In Love” (2016), “Zee” (2018) and projects in collaboration: “Song for the end” with M. Millet (2014), “Trailer” with E. Aslanboga & N. Heller (2015), “M.A.R.S.” with F.M. Ott (2017), “White on White” with A-M Van Kerckhoven, J-P Lespagnard & M. Vanrunxt (2018), “Au-Delà” with D. Ambact (2018). Her work has been presented in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Lebanon, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Turkey.

© Irmak Altıner

(fr) Née à Istanbul en 1983, installée à Paris, Bahar Temiz est une danseuse et chorégraphe indépendante. Après être diplômée du Lycée francophone Saint-Joseph à Istanbul, elle a fait des études de philosophie à l’Université de Paris IV-la Sorbonne et de danse à l’académie de danse Artez (Pays-Bas). Titulaire d’un master en danse de l’Université de Paris VIII, elle a suivi la formation Ex.e.r.ce au Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier. Elle a travaillé comme interprète avec Erik Kaiel, Willi Dorner, Dylan Newcomb, Clément Layes, Superamas, Ivana Müller et Marc Vanrunxt. Ses pièces chorégraphiques visent à inviter le spectateur à s’interroger sur sa propre participation narrative dans le processus de fabrication d’image. Ses projets ont été présentés en Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Suède, Turquie, au Liban et aux Pays-Bas.


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