Zee (2019)

In Love (2016)

1+ (2013)


Au-delà with Didier Ambact (2018)

M.A.R.S. with Felix M. Ott (2017)

Trailer/Iz Sürücü with Natalie Heller & Erinç Aslanboga (2015)


Marc Vanrunxt, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Jean-Paul Lespagnard – White on White (2018)

Clément Layes – The Eternal Return (2017)

Diego Agullo, Felix M. Ott, Dmitry Paranyushkin – M.O.N.D. (2016)

Ivana Müller – Edges (2016)

Ivana Müller – Positions (2013)

Superamas – Theatre (2012)

Willi Dorner – Bodies in Urban Spaces (2011)

Erik Kaiel – Mecca is a two-way street (2008)

Berrak Yedek & Victor Féres – La peau, mémoire d’un lieu (2005)

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