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© Murat Dürüm


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Specially commissioned for the exhibition A Century of Centuries, (Spring 2015) at Salt Beyoğlu in Istanbul, Trailer is a series of lecture performances that look into notions of personal and collective memory by gathering elements from the past and reorganizing them in a performative frame. The lectures investigate the possibility of creating a space where one can navigate between past, present and future, fiction and reality, and by extension experience their simultaneous occurrence. How do we knit the stories we tell? What elements from the past trail into the present? How do we take hold of a memory?

(fr) Spécialement commandée pour l’exposition A Century of Centuries at Salt Beyoğlu à Istanbul, Trailer est une série de lecture-performances qui abordent les notions de mémoire personnelle et collective en rassemblant des éléments du passé et en les réorganisant dans un cadre performatif. Les conférences explorent la possibilité de créer un espace où l’on peut naviguer entre passé, présent et futur, fiction et réalité, et par extension expérimenter leur simultanéité. Comment tricoter les histoires que nous racontons ? Quels éléments du passé au présent ? Comment s’emparer d’un souvenir ?


Our creative exchange was initiated by a workshop we took together with Simone Forti and Jeremiah Day in 2014 where we worked with movement and language. With a shared background in philosophy, we are intrigued by how to understand theoretical text through movement practice. After the workshop, we began experimenting with reading philosophical texts from Merleau-Ponty, Foucault, Halbwachs, Bergson and Noë, and began to develop a working methodology for transferring the philosophical problematics into movement scores. These movement scores are developed through free associative writing and improvisations that are undertaken after or during the reading of the text. These techniques (which we are still in the process of developing) allow us to approach philosophical dilemmas in a novel way, leading to their own philosophical and creative problematics. Some of the topics that we have been working with are perception, subjectivity, understanding, consciousness and memory. For Trailer we focused on the topic of memory and on notions of collecting and re-collecting. We looked at the body as a repository of gestures, images and thoughts where the practice of archiving takes a somatic dimension.

“With Trailer (2015), a performance specially commissioned for the exhibition A Century of Centuries at Salt Beyoglu, the dancers Erinç Aslanboğa, Natalie Heller and Bahar Temiz weave a narrative and gestural thread between seemingly isolated moments in recent Turkish and global history and show how they accumulate unveiling a larger reality. Multiple times and spaces unfold as the three women inhabit their adolescent-selves, mature-selves, and child-selves simultaneously.

Without resorting to confessional exhibitionism, they reveal precisely that it is at the corporeal dimension that the personal and the collective history fold upon each other with all of their unresolved dilemmas, traumas, dreams, aspirations, and hopes.

Unlike much recent endeavors to present live performance and dance at visual arts institutions disregarding the particular histories economies of each, thanks to the genuine and sensitive dialogue of the curator and the artists, Trailer (2015) also proves that movement can inhabit the museum/gallery not only as a curatorial fad, but as an integral and vital element of an archival exhibition.”

Gurur Ertem, Artistic Director, Programming and Research in Bimeras | iDANS

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Music: “Ah Yalan Dünya” by Neşet Ertaş, “In Be Tween Noise” by Steve Roden,  “Merdiven” by Tamburada, “Oboe Concerto in D Minor: II. Adagio” by Alessandro Marcello played by Erentuğ Turan Text: “Creative Evolution” (1907) by Henri Bergson Thanks to Yeliz Selvi, Hasan Saltık, Kalan Müzik, Steve Roden, Korhan Futacı, Erentuğ Turan, Berke Özcan, Gülce Duru, Alp Birol, Emine Jale Evrensel

Commissioned by SALT, for the exhibition A Century of Centuries, curated by November Paynter, Associate Director of Research and Programs, SALT, Istanbul, March 2015.


Born in Istanbul, Erinç Aslanboğa studied philosophy at Middle East Technical University and was part of Contemporary Dance Company of this university. She pursued her studies in dance and also in philosophy at Université de Paris VIII. Parallel with her academic research, she created a dance company called Cie-l Brouillé and worked with dancers, actors and musicians within this company which is supported by the Town Hall of Paris and Point Ephémère. In 2012, she received her PhD degree in philosophy from the Université de Paris VIII. She is currently working as a research assistant in the department of philosophy at Galatasaray University and as an independent dancer.

Natalie Heller is a movement artist and educator. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Oxford University in Philosophy and French and a Masters degree from Trinity Laban in Creative Practice Dance as a Professional Pathway. Through her research she seeks to explore the link between dance art and academia. She is co-founder of the bi-annual London-based platform Spirals and Horizontal Connections that supports collaborations between dance artists and academics from the fields of philosophy, science and education. Natalie’s creative work is centred on giving a first person account of lived experience. She began creating performance work in 2006 and has been supported by a number of organizations including the Ministry of Culture and Education of Cyprus, Independent Dance London and the French Institute. Her work has been shown in festivals and conferences worldwide. She is now based is the Netherlands.

Born and based in Istanbul, Bahar Temiz studied philosophy at the Université de Paris IV-la Sorbonne, followed by studies in dance at Artez Hogeschool voor de kunsten (Arnhem) and choreography at Ex.e.r.ce 09/10 (Centre National de Montpellier). She holds a Masters degree from Université de Paris VIII. In 2011, she received a scholarship by KulturKontakt Austria and Tanzquartier Wien where she presented her solo performance 1+. She has been a part of Europe in Motion programme in the frame of Springdance Festival (Utrecht) and of the danceWeb scholarship in 2012 (Impulstanz, Vienna). She worked as a dancer and performer with Superamas (Theatre) and in site-specific projects with Erik Kaiel, Dylan Newcomb and Willi Dorner. She is currently working on a solo piece (In Love) in the frame of APAP and working as a performer with Ivana Müller (Positions, Edges).

© Irmak Altıner

© Irmak Altıner